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One beat, many patterns:

Growing up without any electronics as a youth influenced magnificent development of imagination.

For example, instead of phones, internet, endless channels on a TV, and handheld entertainment, my mind and my friends were the means to forever etch freedoms of expression.

My time in Cleveland, Ohio, USA paved the road toward Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I now reside. This road has influenced my strong sense of written, insightful articulations regarding human behaviour and consumer buying/engagement patterns.

My college-based background includes respiratory therapy, physical therapy disciplines, and business administration.  

Plus, my military service, musical skillset, and photography ability have contributed to the breadth of my portfolio and life.

Particular projects I am thrilled to offer include:

  • copywriting, short or long form

  • 30 second to 5 minute video productions

  • product photography

  • blogging and article writing

  • supportive SEO practices

I additionally bring the spirit of vibrancy cloaked inside multi-layered professionalism.

It's great to meet you! 

Bill Bistak